Home truths…

We are passionate about only selling products we really like and would use in our own home.

One of our key product ranges, since 2011, is the wonderful Annie Sloan range of decorative paint products.

A couple of years after stocking it we had the opportunity to completely renovate the 1970’s bungalow we’d chosen to move our growing family into.

Being from a time of ‘modernist’ architectural style it needed some ‘homeliness’ and warmth putting into it. Key to this was the decision to clad all the internal walls to waist height with tongue and groove cladding! (Much to our builder’s befuddlement!) This helped move the house from a ‘minimalist’ to more of a ‘lodge’ style. But also key to this was choosing the colour to paint it in that would be lively enough for such a big area but still not overwhelm our furnishings…Duck Egg Blue was the obvious answer!

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