Why ‘La Vie’?

‘La Vie’ is ‘Life’ and what else is there? We believe you only have one and should live it well! Choosing only beautiful or useful things for your home can enhance your quality of life and we’re here to help you do that for yourself or when choosing gifts for others…

Many would agree that, generally, lot of things “aren’t made like they used to be”, and we’re here to change that. We only stock items of the highest quality, and they’re usually homegrown right here in Britain!

It is also fair to say that the past 100 years have seen many different styles of items for the home being produced and we are keen to celebrate that too. You’ll find many ‘design-classics’ in our shop, sometimes the real thing and sometimes ‘inspired’ by the originals (and often improved upon!) Old or new, all of our items alike have that ‘timeless’ quality.

We also love to weave in influences from further afield as these tend to liven things up! So whether it is artisan hand-painted ceramic furniture fittings from India, South African-inspired Ethical Bohemian Clothing, Braided Rugs from Bangladesh, hand-painted traditional ‘Bunzlau’ Polish Pottery, quality coloured glassware from France  or quirky felt ‘animal’ rugs from Nepal, you’re sure to find some surprises in store!

We strongly believe that everything we sell should be something that is being ‘re-used’ or is, at least, produced from ‘sustainable’ materials in an ethical manner.

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